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Thank you for visiting my website and appreciating the extraordinary, beautiful, handcrafted masterpieces that I wanted to share with you.

My story:

Since 20 years old I am in shoe business as a buyer for my footwear shop Bottega Italiana based in Kazakhstan, as a wholesale consultant for Italian footwear companies and as a brand developer for Bottega Italiana.

I used to see so many footwear collections during these years. Lately, at least for the last 4-5 years, I couldn’t find something extraordinary , special and unique for my clients, so I decided to create Fields of Gold Shoes, one style, one pattern, six colors.

The name Fields of Gold has a special meaning for me: my homeland country is Kazakhstan and we have infinitive Fields of Wheat which color becomes Gold during the summer. “Fields of Gold” is also a song by Sting, and this was a song of my love story with my husband whom I met in 1993.


The pattern of shoes has special details: the grains of wheat, the wings on both sides of the shoe and other elements which remind me my story. My husband’s name meaning is Wings: he is my wings, he makes me fly, he supports me.

All our shoes are hand embroidered one by one, each pearl is stitched, no glue. We use precious natural materials like silk, cotton based velour and natural leather. We created a special beautiful box that can be reused and recycled, or just kept in your wardrobe.


I was so honored to be invited by Tranoi September 2018 show to showcase my masterpieces in Carrousel du Louvre Paris, and in Scoop February 2019 just 6 months later after creating my beautiful shoes. I would love to say the special thanks to Mr. Armand Hadida and to Mrs. Karen Radley for giving me an opportunity to show my creations to the worldwide TOP buyers.

Our partners:

SKP Beijing and XIAN China’s most luxuries department stores.

Orsorama Milano - unique place in Milan to find international emerging designers.

follow us to keep an eye on our further development

Thank you!

Assiya Daribekova

Founder and creative mind of Fields of Gold



Fields of Gold Shoes is a globally inspired brand of artisanal shoes. Our collection is born out of passion for travel. We turn local authentic handcrafts into fashion masterpieces. Fields of Gold represents unique eastern motives. It surely combines tradtions and innovations. The founder of the brand, Assiya Daribekova, was raised in Kazakhstan - the country of golden fields, which inspired her to create her personal luxurious line of shoes. Working in the sphere of shoe industry for more than 20 years, she perfectly understands future trends for the upcoming season. Personal vision combined with understanding of western trends, creates a unique combination of luxury shoes created for people who admire arts and beauty. Travelling around the world, learning eastern art, she managed to create a special line of shoes that inlcludes both tradition and innovation. With these shoes you will always stand out and show your personality.

fields of gold


From the passion for travel to the creation of unique masterpieces…

hand embroidery

It takes more than 30 hours to embroider one pair of our shoes. We use only natural materials : silk, cotton and leather. Each shoe is a very unique creation.


The patterns for our embroidery are given by nature: bird's wings, gold grain and colorful flowers. Combining the elements of nature and architecture with different embroidery techniques we create our patterns.



Fields of Gold Shoes is a globally inspired brand of artisanal shoes created by passionate people. 


We are combining different cultures to create our exclusive fashion masterpieces.